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Animal Healing-Alternative Pet Emergency Medicine: Complementary and Integrative Energy Healing & Medical Intuition

Animal Healing and Pet Healing-
Alternative Animal & Pet Emergency Medicine:
Complementary & Integrative Energy Healing & Medical Intuition

Like a human MRI or Xray machine, Brent sees inside a client's body (either onsite or at a distance) to determine the extent, location and severity of the injury. In veterinary emergency medicine this saves precious time identifying the extent, severity and location of the trauma and determining whether it needs critical or intensive care responses. You can be located anywhere on earth & I can give you my medical intuitive findings or distance energy healing by telephone.

The Healing Energy has very beneficial effects in the following conditions.
Stabilizing Heart rate, raises oxygen levels
Blood disorders, Septicemia/Systemic Infection, embolism, bleeding
Bone fracture, bone regeneration
Brain Injury, Brain trauma, Stroke, TIA, Seizures, Concussion
Cardiac, Electromagnetic disorders
Catastrophic & critical injury
Cervical disc & neck trauma
Chronic Pain relief
Musculoskeletal symptoms, muscular regenerations
Neuromuscular disease, disorder, paralysis
Nerve damage, nerve trauma, nerve entrapment,
Nerve disorders, Nerve injury & Nerve pain, nerve paralysis
Neurological injury and trauma
Spinal Cord injury, spinal cord trauma, herniated disc, lumbar spine
Trauma injury, Critical care and intensive care, emergency energy medicine
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Contact information:
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Animal Healing, Pet Healing
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