Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Aminal Healing-Dog paralysis: Dog Herniated disc, spinal injury restored by Energy Healing

Animal Healing:
Dog Paralysis: Energy Healing regenerated and restored a paralyzed 15.5 year old dog's crushed spinal cord discs, vertebrae & spinal nerves He walked again in 90 days. Energy Healing restored the dog's oxygen levels back to normal so he could breathe
without a ventilator. . href="http://www.brentenergywork.com/6th_proceedings.htm">Published works for the full story

Friend’s journey documents how pet alternative energy healing works. Friend’s records [Case 068858] can be found here at the NC State Veterinary School to document my presentation.
Friend slipped while running around a corner. He was unable to walk. We were referred to NC State. The initial diagnosis
1. "Collapsed intervertebral discs spaces C4/5 thru C6/7"
2. " ABG - PaO2 55 "
Due to his age (15), euthanasia was suggested.
My heart died a thousand times, I owned Friend since he was 5 weeks old. When I gathered myself, it occurred to me to use my medical intuitive and channeled healing energy abilities on Friend.
I asked to "see" what was wrong. I am able to see organs inside a body. I "saw" the specific damaged disks and nerve paths and noted this to the clinician. The MRI confirmed my "reading". I read Friend’s pain level. There was none. I decided I would focus my intent, and ask with all my heart.!
I asked to be able to sit with Friend in the ICU. There I did "on site healing." At home, I concentrated on remote or distance healing. {PS "Vet Techs" are the angels that also supplement traditional medicine with hands on healing touch and love!}

Friend came home on an oxygen machine. After 3 weeks, the clinicians said that ongoing oxygen wouldn’t work due to nose infections. Ironically, at the same time, a colleague sent me a book (2) about raising the blood’s oxygen levels and stopping bleeding. It fueled the fire to my soul; I KNEW Friend would walk and be OK! I redoubled my efforts.

Friends ABG levels went up (PO2-70), and he came home breathing on his own!

3 months later Friend walked into the NC State Vet School unassisted, donated his recuperative body sling, and came home to live another 2 ½ years.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Animal Healing- Cat Seizures, Cat Neurological Disorders

Animal Healing-Cat Seizures- Cat Neurological Disorders

Energy Healing stopped 2.5 week old kitten's seizures:

"Who could believe that 5 days ago, most of us weren’t giving her much of a chance of living another day? We make a good miracle healing team! Thanks, guys! "DC

"thank you and Brent for giving this kitten the time/knowledge/love needed to get to this point....without your efforts, these photos would not have been possible...She is not out of the woods yet....but she has seen the light at the end of the path." Dr. J. Broadhurst, veterinarian

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